Janther offers more of the things
you aspire to in swimming pool.

Janther has demonstrated its competitive spirit by building residential and commercial pools and spas that are top in design and safety. Our mission is customer satisfaction and environmental compatibility for a better world.

Your Pool Will Have It All

infinity pool

As part of its service in its prospects, Janther protect its pool users of its maintenance assistance program with immediate response to the needs for customer convenience. Aside from its main trust in building swimming pools and spas,
Janther engages itself in filtration systems, designing fountains and deals in the distribution of various chemicals, parts and accessories incidental to its business.


  • Swimming Pool Construction
    (Olympic size pool, Resort, Hotel, Residential)
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Pool and Spa Accessories
  • Pool Chemicals
pool accessories

Rock Carving

pool rock formation

The visible "rock" features are in fact man-made, covering up exposed concreting and contributing to a spectacular effect.

Indoor and Outdoor Pools

outdoor pool

Clear waters and colorful gardens are the perfect ingredients for alfresco living. Be inspired with our selection of the best pools and outdoor spaces.
One Side is elongated to form infinity and lap pool for the serious swimmers in the family, while the corner on the opposite side is a relaxing pool bar.